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Nelson lighting hire

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Nelson lighting hire

Using different lighting equipment and techniques, we aim to transform your indoor or outdoor venue from nice to great.

We have a wide range of lighting:  Fairy lights strings, fairy light curtains, lasers, spotlights, moving heads, hemisphere disco balls, totem light towers, festoon lights and UV lights. Something for everyone.

UV lighting party

Venue lighting

Up lighting is a popular way of instantly changing the atmosphere of a large venue. Coloured LED spotlights, which are cool to the touch, are shone up the walls. The effect lifts the feel of the room from ordinary to magical. Great for weddings, events and parties.

Venue lighting


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Outdoor lighting

Whether it is lighting up the gable end of a building or highlighting some bushes or trees our waterproof lights bring the wow factor to the outdoors. Festoon lights are a favorite way of defining an outside area.

night time tree and house lighting


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Party lighting

When our party PA system winds up the volume, you'll want some dance floor lights to keep the party humming. We have party lighting rigs for hire. Our Totem light towers have lights inside them as well as provide a platform for other lighting effects. Moving heads, coloured spots dancing to the beats, UV party lighting, lasers and a hemisphere will bring the dance floor alive with colour.

Intimidator moving headHemispere disco light

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